Diss Youth Council is an evolving group of volunteers, who attend monthly meetings. The youth council wish to have a voice as young persons in the community and would like to help make Diss a better place.


– Creating a safe and better environment for young people

-Building a more harmonious community

-Having more of an influence over what goes on in Diss.

The youth councillors are looking to recruit 4 more youth councillors,  who are aged 12-19, who live or study in Diss.

Diss youth councillors held a launch event on 10th September at the Diss Youth & Community Centre where they networked with the local community and gathered ideas of what the community wanted the youth councillors to support.

The youth council are interested in inter-generational work, with youth councillor Zin Moyo  working with the community with an inter-generational Christmas lunch.  After training as Dementia Friends, youth councillors  Bethany Crow and Kieran Murphy are working towards delivering  assemblies at their local high school. These assemblies will help to highlight  how to support those in the community who are affected by Dementia.

Youth councillor Kieran Murphy along with town councillor Sonia Browne helped with the gardening planters and tidy up in the Heritage Triangle along with other volunteers on the 19th October –We tackled the planters and planted up to 1000 flower bulbs.

Youth councillors Kieran Murphy and Liberty Amies attended a town council Facilities committee meeting on 26thSeptember at the Corn Hall, cascading back to the rest of youth council ideas for youth council meetings such as structure. Both youth councillors were interested to see how the facilities meeting was chaired, as well as the public participation and found the experience invaluable. Youth councillors are hoping to attend the Executive and Infrastructure committees to again learn and share with other youth councillors.

 Newly elected Chair Councillor Kieran Murphy states, “It is great to see the youth getting out there and involved in events around the town.  I am excited to see how we will work with other organisations in the future.”