Diss Town Council is committed to assisting voluntary and not-for-profit organisations working for the benefit of Diss residents whenever possible. One of the ways this is done is through financial grants.

We are pleased to announce that another £20,000 has been budgeted towards the Community Grant Scheme for the 2020-21 financial year.

Please note: All funds have now been allocated for the 2019/20 financial year. 

The Council’s Community Grant Scheme is for two main categories of grant:

PROJECT GRANTS: These grants are of a one-off nature for, for instance, the purchase of equipment or services to provide or improve a facility or activity for the residents of Diss. Evidence will be required at the end of the project of how the grant was used. However, no commitment is given by the Council to any future grant funding.

OPERATIONAL GRANTS: These are annual grants to support the ongoing costs of the organisation’s activities. Annual monitoring reports will be required, and the Council will seek to review its ongoing commitments to those organisations from time to time, and maintain an ongoing dialogue about the effectiveness of the grant funding.

The Council’s Financial Year runs from April to March, and applications for grants are considered at two points in the year: Applications received by 31st January will be considered in March for payment from April onwards. Applications received by 31st July will be considered in September for payment from October onwards.

The Council’s Community Grants Panel will then consider any applications for new grants received in accordance with the above timescale and that it meets the following criteria. One or more of these criteria must apply for the application to be considered:

  1. benefit the residents of Diss as a whole.
  2. benefit a specific category of residents of Diss, particularly disadvantaged or vulnerable sections of the population.
  3. provide a service or facility not currently provided elsewhere in Diss.
  4. add to or improve existing facilities.
  5. make better use of under-used town council facilities (such as the DYCC or sports ground).
  6. be freely available to all sections of the community.

In addition to the above, the following will be required of grant applications for ongoing operational funding, and may be required in respect of project grants:

7) Evidence of efforts to generate income from other sources

8) Copies of the applicant’s latest audited accounts, together with a budget/business plan for the period covered by the grant applied for.

9) Set targets and robust methods of measuring the achievement of those targets.

To apply for a grant or to find out more, please click to view our application form (Word) or pdf version.

Alternatively, visit Grant Finder UK for more general information and help.