I had met the Chairman of The Arts Society Diss, (Vivienne Weeks) at a previous mayoral function and we had spoken of our mutual love of the arts.

From this meeting I received a lovely invitation to attend one of The Arts Society Diss lectures at the Diss Corn hall, given by the antiques specialist Marc Allum (who also heralds from the Antiques Roadshow). It was a phenomenal lecture about the not so humble origins and evolution of the Chair.

Thank you Vivienne for the kind invitation, it was much appreciated. I would not hesitate to go again to one of their lectures, especially if you are interested in the arts.

Lectures are held in the Diss Corn hall every third Tuesday of every month.

with Marc Allum, prior to the lecture

L-R: Elizabeth Talbot (Director at TW Gaze Diss), Vivienne Weeks (Chairman of The Arts Society Diss), Marc Allum and myself.


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