The following is a Police Connect Message

Norfolk Constabulary- We’ve received reports of counterfeit Scottish Bank notes being in circulation in Norfolk.

Amongst the best ways to avoid being caught out are to:• Familiarise yourself with the security features of genuine notes AND
• Make sure you take sufficient time to check banknotes thoroughly when you receive them.

This is particularly true in situations where you receive large volumes of notes

If you have any doubt, compare the suspect note with another note that you know to be genuine.

Remember to examine a number of features rather than relying on the existence of just one feature when deciding whether or not a note is genuine.
It is important to remember that counterfeit notes are valueless.

Please remember, it is a criminal offence to hold or to pass a note that you know to be a counterfeit. Officers are keen to speak with anyone with information or alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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