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Police promote 9pm routine campaign on social media!

Norfolk Police have launched a social media campaign encouraging residents to get in the habit of completing a #9PMRoutine.
The idea comes after the incredible success of a concept launched in Pasco County, Florida in America, which asks the public to check certain things around their home at a designated time.
Inspector Ed Brown, who suggested adopting the idea, said: “It’s simple really – set a reminder on your phone for 9pm and when it goes off do some checks around the house.
“We know that some criminals are opportunistic, looking for that quick and easy win. By completing the #9PMRoutine residents are making life so much harder for offenders. This will ultimately result in a reduction in crime.”

Residents are asked to conduct the following checks:
• Check your vehicles 
• Shut your windows 
• Lock your doors and
• Check your outbuildings

Inspector Brown added: “‘We’ve had a spate of tools being stolen from vehicles across the county and we hope this routine helps remind you to make sure your vehicles are locked and that any valuables are removed’
The social media campaign aims to raise awareness and promote safer habits among residents to prevent unnecessary thefts from vehicles, as well as homes.

To take part in the 9pm routine make sure you message us @NorfolkPolice and use #9PMRoutine.

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