The beginning of a hot week in glorious Diss!

I had the privilege of having meeting with Emma-Louise from the Voluntary Norfolk and Christina who works with project Better Together. Both wanted to discuss what their very useful organisations promote in the community.

Emma-Louise works with the Health & Wellbeing group, who source volunteers in local communities for peer support. These volunteers can be from any age over 18, from any walk of life who help others feel less isolated. Emma-Louise states volunteers need to be a good listeners with patience to allow people to say their life stories.  If you have any spare time an hour a week or indeed fortnightly, it doesn’t have to be for years, months then contact Voluntary Norfolk to see if you can volunteer your time as a  health and wellbeing volunteer to prevent others from feeling isolated and lonely – whilst promoting mental health wellbeing.

Christina works with two life connectors, who travel to those in the community who are isolated and having issues such as debt and can sign post and refer to other support agencies.

I would like to say that both of these projects are great to have. I commend both Emma-Louise and Christina for the work that is carried out by their teams across Norfolk.

See the links below to find out how you may be able tob help:

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