We’re approaching the time of year when honey bees swarm. It is a spectacular sight when a large cloud of bees flies by and although some may find this frightening they will soon settle on a tree or other object. Honey bees are not aggressive and when they swarm they are simply looking for a new home.

If you see a swarm settle somewhere it is important to get some help from a bee keeper. Do not try and move them, or pour water on them, or use poison as this could cause the bees, and you, some problems. As long as the cluster of bees are accessible bee keepers will not charge for removing a swarm.

To help identify if they are honey bees (not wasps or something else) take a look here: https://www.bbka.org.uk/swarm At the bottom of this website page you will find a map where you can enter a postcode and get details of swarm collectors in the area that will give the bees a safe new home.

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