Palgrave Community Support Group


Palgrave has mobilised a group of Volunteers from in and around our Parish…

A group of people from different organisations from around the Parish, has been formed to help people in and around Palgrave: whether it’s those who are self-isolating, or those who are struggling to obtain essential supplies or medication, or anyone else who might need something we can help with!  This group is being co-ordinated by Sharon Cousins-Clarke.

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COVID-19 : PCS : 

The Palgrave Community Support group to coordinate support to Palgrave village during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak has been set up. The group is comprised of representatives of the Parish Council, the PDCC, Neighbourhood Watch and others in the community.

The aims of the Palgrave Community Support group are

:• coordination of the many volunteers – several people have kindly offered their services and we are keen to expand our pool of volunteers. If you feel able to help either by being a first point of contact, or by assisting with tasks such as shopping or by giving neighbourly support over the phone, please contact Sharon on

• we have door knocked every household in the parish to determine who needs support. This is now followed up with a contact card to those identified vulnerable people, which is being distributed through the letterbox. If you haven’t received one and are classified as vulnerable, please contact Sharon on or call on 01379 309401.

Where to go for information and advice: We will add links to useful websites on the Parish Council website/ Coronavirus page  as and when we have them;

To view our up to date content please click on this link

Police Connect Message- Scamming alert

The following is a Police Connect message:

As communities come together to support one another during the coronavirus outbreak, police are urging people to be vigilant to scammers and bogus officials.

It comes after cold-callers targeted an elderly North Norfolk resident who was telephoned by someone claiming he was calling from ‘Southern Electric’. The caller stated that they would visit the resident’s home at midday and in exchange for a cash payment of £520 a credit of £5,000 would be put onto the resident’s electricity bill ‘as part of us helping people though the Coronavirus outbreak’. When the resident visited the bank to withdraw the money bank staff prevented the withdrawal.

Residents are urged to be vigilant and take the normal precautions when dealing with cold-callers.

Chief Inspector Craig Miller said: “It’s great that communities across Norfolk are coming together to help one another during these unprecedented times. However, we sadly know from previous experience that criminals will take advantage of any opportunity for their own means and this situation is no different.

“Scams are likely to come in many different forms, from those pretending to be police officers or working for healthcare organisations calling on people to say they are testing for the virus to those fraudulently sell face masks, or offer to do shopping and taking money.

“We would urge resident, particularly those who are vulnerable, to only deal with people they trust and that if anyone has any doubts about those who are approaching them, and are concerned, we advise that they don’t engage and report suspicious behaviour to police.

“The majority of groups are well intentioned and will be working through charities, or through a local authority and should have proof that they are doing so.”

Alongside the work of the police the Norfolk County Council Trading Standards team are continuing to fight scammers and are urging people to sign up to scam alerts to find out about the latest scams hitting the county. To sign up visit:

Cllr Margaret Dewsbury, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Communities and Partnerships, said: “It’s shameful that unscrupulous fraudsters are trying to take advantage of the pandemic to make money. Particularly when so many people are volunteering to help support and protect their friends and neighbours.

“Something we can all do is complete the quick and simple Friends Against Scams training online. This allows everyone to better understand and spot scams, and recognise when people are being scammed in our community. Visit make yourself scam aware.”


Vulnerable people will be most at risk so we ask that people protect themselves and relatives and neighbours who could become victims.

  • Only accept help off people you know and trust. Never deal with unexpected cold callers
  • Do not give your credit or debit card details – give cash and ask for a receipt 
  • Give them a shopping list in your budget 
  • You do not have to agree to anything you don’t feel comfortable with 
  • Police, health workers and others would not call at your house to test for coronavirus or ask for money regarding investigations 
  • Check the person calling at your door has valid identification, especially if they are dressed in uniform 
  • Do not transfer any money across to someone who calls you over the phone, banks will not ask for your personal security details 
  • Do not trust anyone asking for money transfers or cash over the phone 
  • Do not make shopping purchases from a company or person you do not know and trust. Use a credit card to pay to protect yourselves.  

If you feel in immediate danger call 999 or if you know someone is vulnerable and has been a victim of fraud, please contact Norfolk Police on 101 or Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.ukor call 0300 123 2040.  

You can report scams and suspicious telephone cold calls to Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133.

Diss Organ Festival 2020- Cancelled

Update from Jonny Ling, Event Organiser for Diss Organ Festival 2020:

Diss Organ Festival has taken the very difficult decision to cancel this year’s event which would have been held on the 16th-17th May 2020.
The health and safety of our visitors, exhibitors and volunteers is our most important priority and we therefore feel this is the most appropriate decision to take at this time.
However, we are very mindful that the current situation is changing rapidly and important decisions are being made almost daily.
For now, the plan is to move Diss Organ Festival to the weekend of 16th & 17th May 2021, We have had a very positive response for this year’s Festival and had achieved a Heritage Lottery Grant and grants from, Diss Town Council, Diss Cyclothon, Norfolk Arts Fund, Diss Town Team, to make it even better so everyone involved is saddened by the necessary postponement.
All being well, we are looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Jonny Ling, Event Organiser.

Diss Carnival 2020 CANCELLED

In light of the current global situation, it is with sincere regret that the Diss Carnival committee has decided to cancel this year’s town carnival and funday on Sunday 14th June 2020.

After seven months of organising, this is not a decision we have made lightly. We are very aware that this will impact our stallholders and entertainers greatly, but we feel we have a duty to protect contributors and visitors from any unnecessary health risk.   We have deliberated over the last week whether to postpone or cancel, and feel that to postpone without any clear idea of when life will get ‘back to normal’ could lead to an event that is poorly attended and/or not to the standard our visitors and us expect, so we have opted to cancel completely.

For those of you that have already made payments for pitches or sponsorship, we will aim to refund you (through Diss Town Council) via BACS.  In order to do this, please can you forward the following information as soon as possible:

  • Name of Bank
  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • Sort Code

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting Diss Carnival and will contact you later in the year in the hope of working with you again for Diss Carnival 2021!

We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment this has caused and sincerely wish you all the best during this difficult time.

Our very best regards,

Diss Carnival Committee 2020

Annual Town Meeting 2020

The Annual Town Meeting, held on Thursday 5th March 2020 at the Diss Youth & Community Centre, offered an opportunity for the public to find out what the Town Council has been up to throughout the year including updates on current projects and plans for the future of Diss.

We were delighted with the support from a variety of local organisations that attended to offer advice and information.  They included representatives from the Diss Citizens Advice Bureau, MTM Youth Services, South Norfolk’s Help Hub, the Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan, Diss Youth Council, Empanda, Dementia support, Park Radio, South Norfolk Wellbeing Team, Diss Waveney Rotary Club, Quaker Wood, Friends of Parish Fields & the Diss Corn Hall.

The meeting concluded with a Q&A session inviting the public to raise issues or share any ideas with the Council.

This was also an opportunity to see the awards presented to the Honoured & Junior Good Citizens of Diss.

This year saw four worthy applications received for the Honoured Citizen award and we extend our thanks for the nominees for their contributions. Andrew Rackham was chosen by councillors for his outstanding contribution to Diss over the years through his support of local organisations namely the Diss Waveney Rotary Club, Royal British Legion and the Fair Green Neighbourhood Association. Andrew has also played a key role in helping to support and organise events such as the Diss Christmas Lights Switch-On, Diss Cyclathon and Diss Carnival and has shown great efforts in fundraising.

After receiving his award from Town Mayor Councillor Sonia Browne in front of family and friends, Andrew said “It’s so nice to be considered worthy for this year’s Honoured Citizen of Diss award. I have always taken a keen interest in the wellbeing and continued development of the town. I’d like to thank Diss Town Council for selecting me for this award, Simon Noble and Suzanne Kayne for nominating me and to my family and friends who have helped me with the building and successful implementation of the various projects that I have been involved with.”

Junior Good Citizen, Callum Doe, was nominated by Julia Fairbrother and Richard Pither for his remarkable voluntary work in the community. Callum is a member of the Diss Youth Group where he volunteers in running the tuck shop and supports younger members. Callum has shown outstanding commitment and bravery, always showing enthusiasm despite being diagnosed with a brain tumour in December 2018. He is heavily involved in Diss Youth Group’s Gardening Group where he has assisted at Quaker Wood’s conservation sessions for the last three years. Julia complimented Callum’s dedication and bravery in a touching speech. She said “No task given to Callum is ever a problem. He does any job needed, whether it’s wet, cold, snowy or sunny and is always eager to learn. Callum is a truly amazing, funny, intelligent young person who has always been kind, considerate and helpful to others, despite his own personal battles.”

We’re sure you’ll agree both are very deserving of the awards and we thank them both for their dedicated work in the community.

Honoured Citizen Award Winner 2020, Andrew Rackham

Junior Good Citizen Award Winner 2020, Callum Doe

Information about Coronavirus

Information about Coronavirus – taken from ‘Coronavirus: an action plan – A guide to what you can expect across the UK’ published 3 March 2020 by UK government Department of Health & Social Care

The role the public can play in supporting this response

4.34 Everyone can help support the UK’s response by:

  • following public health authorities’ advice, for example on hand washing
  • reducing the impact and spread of misinformation by relying on information from trusted sources, such as that on,,, and
  • checking and following the latest FCO travel advice when travelling and planning to travel
  • ensuring you and your family’s vaccinations are up to date as this will help reduce the pressure on the NHS/HSCNI through reducing vaccine-preventable diseases
  • checking on elderly or vulnerable family, friends and neighbours
  • using NHS 111 (or NHS 24 in Scotland or NHS Direct Wales) (including online, where possible), pharmacies and GPs responsibly, and go to the hospital only when you really need to. This is further explained on the NHS website – and
  • being understanding of the pressures the health and social care systems may be under, and receptive to changes that may be needed to the provision of care to you and your family.
  • accepting that the advice for managing COVID-19 for most people will be self-isolation at home and simple over the counter medicines
  • checking for new advice as the situation changes.

Find out more –