Diss Park to have new play equipment!


We have been working with two play area designers to create a brand new play park to replace the existing equipment (which has been discontinued) on Diss Park.

There are two great designs on offer and the Town Council would like to encourage the community to vote on their preferred design!

Larger designs are available to view in the town council office reception. A final decision on the chosen design will be made at the next Full Council meeting on 17th July… Thank you! 😊

Votes can be made via our Facebook poll 


Shop closures in Diss

Diss Town Council is concerned to read of another shop closure within the town centre. We also appreciate residents’ concerns and frustration by this news.

These continuing shop closures in town centres across the country is an inevitable reaction to our ever changing shopping habits. Unfortunately we have no powers over private property rental charges or business rates charged by the District Council but the Town Council would be keen to work with parties to find a solution to the current problem we find ourselves in.

We are currently working with Diss Town Team on innovative ways in which we can reinvigorate our town centre. A recent Government paper called ‘The High Street Report’ is a great guide on such ways we could achieve this; it will not be an easy task but one which is necessary if we are to stave off any further decline.

The Town Council will keep residents up to date on progress of this initiative; in the meantime can we encourage everyone to shop locally where possible to support the wonderful businesses we continue to have in Diss.


Vote for your favourite South Norfolk Community Pub Of The Year!

South Norfolk Community Pub of the Year

Pub of the Year 2019

Our pubs play a huge part in local life and our Community Pub of the Year Awards are here to help recognise the impact they have on our community.

Voting opens Monday 1st July for the 2019 Community Pub of the Year Award.

Which category should your favourite pub win?

1.  Outstanding Community Focus

This is the pub who goes over and above what is expected from them within their community.  Whether they host regular events, fund raise for local causes or always makes sure there is room for your community group, this is the pub that is the most community focused.

2.  Best Customer Service

This is the pub where everybody is happy to see you.  They go the extra mile in ensuring you have the best time in their pub.  From a smiley face at the bar, to the extra please and thank you, this is the pub that has the best customer service.

3.  Most Family Friendly

This is the pub that welcomes you all, from the day you were born.  They are ready for you all, with room for the buggy, water for your dogs and quieter areas for you all to chat, this is the pub that is the most family friendly.

4.  Tastiest Food and Drink

This is the pub you always go to for their food or their drink.  They have exactly what you want, when you want it, and it tastes delicious too.  The options may be endless, or they may be just what you want, this is the pub that serves the tastiest food and drink.

About the competition

  • The pub with the most votes in each category will be a finalist.
  • Judges will visit the winning pub for each category and an overall winner will be chosen. The overall winner will be revealed at a ceremony held at last year’s winning pub, the Wheatacre White Lion on 7 October 2019.
  • The overall winner will receive £500 to spend on an event for their community.

If you have any questions, please call us on 01508 533642 or complete our online enquiry form

2018 winners

On 8 October the White Lion, Wheatacre was announced as the overall winner of the 2018 Community Pub of the Year Award. The judges were impressed by the transformation of the pub and its success after only a year!

Category winners

Outstanding Community Focus: The Burston Crown
Best Customer Service: White Lion, Wheatacre
Most Family Friendly: Netherton House, Long Stratton
Tastiest Food and Drink: Green Dragon, Wymondham

The White Lion won £500 toward a community event.

The three finalists each received a performance hosted by Creative Arts East and the Inn Crowd, sponsored by Pub is the Hub.

Overall Winner and Best Customer Service White Lion Wheatacre collecting their award

Thank you for another fantastic Carnival day!

Thousands of people took to the streets and Park of Diss to take part in the Carnival celebrations this year on Sunday 9th June 2019.

The Carnival Procession, was a  day when colourful floats, characters and Dinosaurs paraded through the Town’s streets.  Everyone involved really embraced the ‘Prehistoric theme’ ensuring the Parade was very colourful and entertaining.  Carnival Day is a day where all residents and visitors of Diss come together to enjoy their lovely Town and its residents.

Diss Town Council and Councillors would like to give special thanks to the Carnival Committee, (Natalie Thornton-Jones, Claire Keen, Ruth Ward, Sue Kiddie, Kimberley Jaynes, Councillor/Mayor Sonia Browne), and all of the volunteers who helped throughout the day to make this event a big success.

The Carnival would not be the great event that it is without the hard work and determination of the Committee and volunteers bringing the Carnival to Life ensuring that the residents and visitors of Diss have a really special day. Thank you!

If you are interested in being a Carnival Member or to be a friend of the Carnival please do not hesitate to contact the Carnival Committee via the Facebook page @DissCarnival, online www.diss.gov.uk or by phone 01379 643848.

Diss Carnival Committee 2019

Cllr Sonia Browne elected as new Diss Town Mayor!

The start of a new Mayoral year has begun and we are delighted to announce that Cllr Sonia Browne has been elected as the new Town Mayor for this civic year! Sonia was handed the robes from former mayor Trevor Wenman at the Full Council meeting last night. Cllr Simon Olander was also elected in as Council Leader.

We’re confident that both will continue to use their vast experience and passion to bring out the best in Diss.

Congratulations both and a big thank you to Trevor Wenman for the last two years!

Honey Bee Advice

We’re approaching the time of year when honey bees swarm. It is a spectacular sight when a large cloud of bees flies by and although some may find this frightening they will soon settle on a tree or other object. Honey bees are not aggressive and when they swarm they are simply looking for a new home.

If you see a swarm settle somewhere it is important to get some help from a bee keeper. Do not try and move them, or pour water on them, or use poison as this could cause the bees, and you, some problems. As long as the cluster of bees are accessible bee keepers will not charge for removing a swarm.

To help identify if they are honey bees (not wasps or something else) take a look here: https://www.bbka.org.uk/swarm At the bottom of this website page you will find a map where you can enter a postcode and get details of swarm collectors in the area that will give the bees a safe new home.